Executive Dining Room Lunch Menu


All items can be served hot or cold, open face sandwich or wrap. You may choose from lo-carb whole wheat, lo-carb sourdough, rye, mini pitas, chive, sun dried tomato and spinach wraps.
    • Smoked Turkey
      Thinly sliced turkey breast with herbed lo-carb spread, sprouts, green onion and Roma tomatoes
    • Poached Chicken Breast
      Breast of chicken with Swiss cheese and fire roasted peppers with a spicy Dijon spread
    • Grilled Vegetable
      Thin layers of grilled eggplant, yellow and green squash, red and green peppers, and shallot rings with melted feta and topped with fresh basil
    • Rare Roasted Beef
      Sliced beef with romaine greens and a creamy horseradish aioli
    • Prosciutto
      Prosciutto with tomatoes and arugula drizzled with balsamic reduction
    • Roasted Turkey
      Turkey breast with cranberry sauce, sprouts and sunflower seeds
    • Chicken Salad
      Pulled white meat with cranberries and pine nuts mixed in a creamy tarragon dressing
    • Curry Chicken Salad
      Chopped chicken breast with julienne of red peppers and gala apples with grapes in curry aioli


    • Caesar
      Romaine greens, parmesan cheese and poached chicken breast with toasted pine nuts
    • Tuna Nicoise
      Albacore tuna with tomatoes, hot house cucumbers and green beans drizzled in sweet basil vinaigrette
    • Chinese Chicken Salad
      Bed of mixed greens topped with chicken, fresh vegetables and almond slivers in spicy soy vinaigrette
    • Grilled Vegetable
      Grilled vegetables with crumbled blue cheese and tossed with a sweet basil vinaigrette
    • California Grilled Chicken
      Baby mixed greens, Roma tomatoes, feta, and hot house cucumbers tossed in fresh oregano and lemon vinaigrette
    • Cobb
      Romaine and arugula greens with light blue cheese, crumbled Prosciutto, tear drop tomato, and roasted turkey breast drizzled with lemon juice and shallot rings
    • Prosciutto and Gorgonzola
      Chopped greens, basil, prosciutto, gorgonzola, jicama, red cabbage and tear drop tomatoes with basil gorgonzola dressing


    • Stuffed Chicken Breast
      Breast of chicken stuffed with blue cheese, arugula and Prosciutto drizzled with balsamic reduction
    • Poached Salmon
      Tournedos of salmon over wilted spinach and shallot with creamy dill sauce
    • Rock Shrimp
      Steamed rock shrimp on a bed of julienned vegetables with spicy soy sauce
    • Grilled Chicken Breast
      Grilled chicken on a bed of wilted arugula, prosciutto and red onion with roasted tomato sauce
    • Rare Sirloin
      Thinly sliced beef with grilled vegetables and creamy horseradish sauce


    • Poached Pear
    • Bowl of Mixed Berries
    • Fresh Fruit with Creamy Brown Sugar Dip

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We loved the food. The Santa Fe Salad was spectacular. It was the best guacamole that I ever had.

- R.K., MB Patron

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