Hors d'oeuvres

  • Crepes stuffed with smoked trout, julienne apples, red onion and a horseradish crème fraiche
  • Seared foie gras with citrus chutney on black pepper brioche
  • Steamed artichoke leaves with grilled shrimp, fennel, and a lemon artichoke heart vinaigrette
  • Ripe pears, and grilled asparagus wrapped in prosciutto stuffed with St. Agur blue cheese
  • Tuna Tartar served on fried won ton
  • Mesclun and ricotta salata on grilled garlic toast
  • Duck guacamole
  • Tomato peanut chutney bruschetta with goat cheese curd
  • Pulled braised short ribs on endive
  • Miniature crab cakes with a red pepper aioli
  • Fava bean bruschetta with a basil mint paste with shavings of ricotta salata
  • Spicy seared scallops over thinly sliced daikon with a light wasabi aioli topped with a plume of mustard cress
  • Cucumber cups filled with a cantaloupe, mango mint puree
  • Chicken skewers with a ginger coconut milk dripping sauce
  • Shrimp ceviche with a yummy soy-rice wine vinegar, red chili and green scallion dipping sauce
  • Coconut patties served with mixed berry chutney.
  • Marinated mozzarella in crème fraiche, with lemon, plumes of marjoram, and thinly sliced red and green chilies over red leaf
  • Pan seared prawns wrapped in prosciutto and cooked till crispy then drizzled with balsamic reduction and arugula oil
  • Honey lavender glazed halibut
  • Blue cheese tartlets
  • Cognac infused gravlax served on rye toast points garnished with caviar, capers and red onion brunoise
  • Fresh basil leaves stuffed with goats cheese and crème fraiche garnished with toasted pine nuts and red pepper bruinoise
  • Crudités with leek dip
  • Olive tapenade and goat cheese crostini
  • Twice cooked red bells peppers with caviar, crème fraiche and chives
  • Apricot-glazed chicken drummettes
  • Crab stuffed quesadillas with a mango salsa
  • Pork guacamole on corn tortilla
  • Anticuchos beef skewers marinated in spiced vinegar
  • Peruvian Olive bruschetta
  • Steamed tri-colored baby potatoes with a dill cream sauce
  • Spicy shrimp avocado on tortilla wedge
  • Empanadas

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We loved the food. The Santa Fe Salad was spectacular. It was the best guacamole that I ever had.

- R.K., MB Patron

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